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Medium - Acrylic on Paper
Title: Conjugal Bliss
Artist: Anil Goswami
Medium: Acrylic on Paper
Genre: Figurative
Size: 70cmX55cm
Status: Available
Price: INR 60,000 ($1,305)
Code: PI00057 Available
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Colors Corridor is an e-art gallery. It promotes various art forms of Indian genesis. India is a colorful country with rich art traditions. But owing to long history of foreign rule and such factors, Indian art and artists couldn’t impact on the world until a few decades. Taj Mahal was there, and so were the murals, frescos, miniatures and landscapes, but the sculptures and painters remained in oblivion. Colors corridor is a voice of the resurging Indian art and artists. It selects the best of the contemporary maestros and their work and showcases them before the world. The idea is to present the incredible Indian art, primarily painting, and to promote the artists who have it in them to sign with their brush on the world canvas.

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